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​Exhibitor  Testimonial



There are so many options for vegetarians!

local brandYamanoteFocus on healthy and natural products

In addition to halva with different flavors, Zhongxin launched#vegetarian soup bag

Founder of Yamanote - Sarah


Great (HK) Investment Company Limited

全球最開心嘅國家 #芬蘭 唔止有優質嘅天然資源

仲生產好多 #天然、#可持續 嘅素產品


Great (HK) Investment Company Limited - Joana






善然坊 創辦人 - Katrina


Palico Coffee

Coffee must be drunk with milk first?

In fact, as long as you pick the coffee beans that are the same as your own, you can feel a sigh of relief㗎

This time we invite exhibitors at Palico Coffee to share their views on coffee and vegetarian food



​One Leaf Tea House

Nowadays, young people are more and more yearning for a healthy, healthy and spiritual life. Compared with a few years ago, it is not difficult to find that they gradually turn their sugar-laden beverages into bottled tea, and what's more, they will start brewing high-quality tea by themselves. Seeing the ups and downs of tea leaves in the cup and experiencing the joy of tea tasting, tea culture seems to have a new look in this busy city. Tea making has entered the community again from tradition, and has become popular among young people.



Whether you go to work, study, or watch movies in your free time, you will inevitably have "mouth marks" moments, but when you accidentally open the package of snacks to satisfy your hunger, you may have taken in excess sugar and fat. A pack of 100 grams of potato chips, for example, already has up to 500 calories, accounting for a quarter of the daily recommended intake. Many studies have pointed out that excessive sugar intake will not only lead to obesity, poor memory, but also increase the risk of diabetes, and even increase the risk of fatal heart disease. If you want to be healthier, you must do a good job of "sugar control", avoid high-risk snacks, use low-sugar and low-fat as the standard, and avoid overeating. Naturally, you will not be afraid of weight gain, but you can also satisfy your cravings!

vfa_youtube thumbnail.png


Top Croatian Food Items You Must Try. – Gorgeous Food Products Nurtured in Natural Environment

What comes to your mind when you think of Croatia? Stunning ocean views? Countless islands? Or the gorgeous sceneries in "Game of Thrones"? Actually, because of its geographic superiority, Croatia not only is full of beautiful landscapes, but also produces many high-quality food products. Aiming to promote Croatia’s local specialty gourmet, the Croatian Pavilion at Vegetarian Food Asia will present several famous must-buy Croatian food items for everyone to easily taste these delicacies!



Vegetarian Food Asia (VFA) not only drew a lot of visitors, but also brought many major organizations, well-known supermarkets, chain restaurants to find new suppliers. As a new brand in Hong Kong, Next Meat HK goes to extra mile to gain outstanding performance in VFA.

Mr. Simon Choi – General Manager of


Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd. (Top Soyafood)

The sales performance in Vegetarian Food Asia (VFA) is excellent. The Expo caters to various age groups, starting from young adults to retirees. I will recommend to my business network & partners to participate VFA together in next year!

Mr. Jeff Law - Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd. (Top Soyafood)


Happy Favour Ltd.

The number of visitors in Vegetarian Food Asia hits high, achieving excellent result in sales and revenue.  Also, it brings more quality visitors and younger buyers in here. We will definitely join the expo again next year!

Ms Wu – Founder of Happy Favour Ltd.


Vege Prosper Co. Ltd.

Vege Prosper has achieved great sales in joining Vegetarian Food Asia. VFA can help reach more target customers & buyers, strengthen and consolidate brand image, and enhance market competitiveness!

Mr Wun -  Managing Director of Vege Prosper Co. Ltd.

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