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Top Croatian Food Items You Must Try – Gorgeous Food Products Nurtured in Natural Environment


What comes to your mind when you think of Croatia? Stunning ocean views? Countless islands? Or the gorgeous sceneries in "Game of Thrones"? Actually, because of its geographic superiority, Croatia not only is full of beautiful landscapes, but also produces many high-quality food products. Aiming to promote Croatia’s local specialty gourmet, the Croatian Pavilion at Vegetarian Food Asia will present several famous must-buy Croatian food items for everyone to easily taste these delicacies!

World Famous Olive Oil

Croatia is most famous for its olive oil. The olive oil products selected by the Croatia Pavilion are from an area that specializes in growing high-quality olives. This area has a history of supplying olive oil to Rome for the emperors’ consumption during the Roman period, an illustration of the prestigious status of the olive oil from this area. Olives grown in this area have long been sought after as they can still preserve their oil content under the summer heat wave strikes, and retain a strong aroma while keeping their quality because of the area’s unique climatic environment. Olives of the highest quality are selected and then processed using the world's most advanced technology to extract extra virgin olive oil. Croatian extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties with excellent health benefits. It tastes great no matter it is for cooking or paired with bread or salad!

Extra Virgina Olive Oil.jpg

Sweet Fig Products

fig 1.jpg

In addition to olive oil, figs from the Adriatic sea region are equally excellent. Grown in Croatia, these figs are hand-picked, and preserved using traditional sun-drying techniques without any added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours. If you want to taste the fig’s original flavour, natural sun-dried figs are without doubt your best choice. Also, our fig cakes, full of sweet fig flavor, are made with traditional method following the ancient recipe developed by local Croatian families. And our fig jam with only 3% added sugar is also one of the local specialty products, which is a perfect match with soft bread!

Chocolate of Distinctive Flavor

Chocolate is not Belgium or Switzerland’s monopoly. In fact, chocolate from Croatia is also extraordinary! Made of 70% organic dark chocolate together with Croatia's award-winning technology and organic natural ingredients, plus distinctive Croatian flavours such as sea salt, lavender, fig, etc., the delicious Croatian chocolate will be your love at first bite that you don’t want to miss!


Natural & Healthy Sea Salt

TOV Justin.png

Sea salt made of Croatia’s three natural resources: sun, wind and the Adriatic Sea, is also one of the country's famous products. The salt is even praised as “the caviar of sea salt". Thin layer of salt grains, gradually formed on the sea surface, looks like flower petals. Workers must collect the salt grains by hand with a small sieve at windless dawns and dusks following a meticulous process. The sea salt has high nutritional values and can provide the minerals that our body needs. In addition to being a seasoning, it can also be used with hot water as a mouthwash to treat stomatitis and is good for the body.

Aromatic Truffles

Truffles may look like the unattractive potato, but its unique aroma is loved by the public. A simple dish of scrambled egg with truffles is enough to tempt the most demanding palate. In Croatia, there are not only white truffles in early autumn and black truffles in winter and summer, but also the KARLIĆ truffles which are prized as of the highest quality. The Croatian pavilion imports directly from the supplier to ensure the freshness of the truffles. Furthermore, truffle products are also very popular among tourists. They are stored in glass jars and retain the wonderful aroma of truffles.

truffle 1.jpg
truffle 2.jpg

Rediscover The Joy of Travel

How can you fully understand Croatia by only tasting its local delicacies? Why not take advantage of Hong Kong relaxing its pandemic restrictions and take a trip to Croatia! In addition to the must-see historical and cultural heritages like the Roman Colosseum and the ancient city of Dubrovnik, you can also try hunting truffles at a truffle estate, and even enjoy live Klapa performance. Croatia’s extremely charming autumn makes it one of the best times to visit the country.


October is also the season for olive harvest and going to Vodnjan, the hometown of olive oil, to taste its high-grade olive oil is definitely a must-have itinerary for traveling Croatia in autumn! Moreover, the Plitvice Lakes National Park’s spectacular fall leave colours, complemented by its turquoise lake in the background, provide tourists a whole new heavenly experience.

Be it an in-depth themed tour or a customized travel itinerary, we provide the perfect travel plan. Sign up for a Croatian tour group at Vegetarian Food Asia now, and experience the local culture, scenery and gourmet food for yourself!

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