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 Veg Up Your Life Pavilion

Hong Kong people nowadays care about their health and embrace the green lifestyle, and more and more young people are joining the camp of vegetarians. Vegetarianism has now become mainstream, blossoms with creativity that brings forth new ideas of amazing products. It not only drives the culinary trend, but also extends from a healthy diet to a way of caring for the environment and animals, and from the inside out integrating green and sustainable living into our daily life.


Vegetarian Food Asia (VFA) is the most comprehensive and diversified vegetarian × green living event in Hong Kong.  VFA has always kept abreast of market trends and fully appreciates the unlimited business potential of the vegetarian market. VFA 2023 proudly presents the brand new "Veg Up Your Life" thematic zone, section, showcasing leisure beverage, bakery and pastries, physical & mental health and lifestyle products to fully meet the demand of today’s vegetarian consumers.

Exhibitors of Veg Up Your Life Pavilion

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