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"Prime mate" with excellent observation skills

If you choose thick soup, you have excellent insight and can accurately predict the development of the situation and analyze the future development trend of the event. If you are good at analysis, you are most suitable to participate in the "Business Networking" held by Vegetarian Asia on Friday, February 17th, to communicate with industry leaders and create a new world with "vegetarian".

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"Prime mate" with excellent willpower

As long as you make up your mind to choose salad, you will burn everything to get results. If you have excellent willpower, you must come to the Asia Vegetarian Expo and read the "Talk of the Numbers" to see the exhibitors' discounts. Zhongyue, remember to go to the designated vegetarian restaurant to enjoy a discount after the exhibition! Use your strong willpower to explore all offers!

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"Prime mate" with excellent empathy

You who choose tableware have 100 points of empathy, and you can quickly resonate with others, because all
His affinity and know how to compare his heart with his heart, he is a heartthrob in the eyes of friends, and also the most real backer. If you like vegetarian food, remember to bring your friends to participate in the Asia Vegetarian Expo from February 17th to 19th, and experience a "vegetarian adventure"!

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"Prime mate" with excellent creativity

If you choose coffee, your ideas are not limited, you have amazing creativity, and you can always use new thinking to meet all things in life. If you like new things, remember to participate in the "Vegetarian Kitchen" at Vegetarian Asia, and see how different vegetarian mates create new ideas "vegetarian"!

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