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We are aware of a recent media coverage about a fish-cutting demonstration held at Vegetarian Food Asia from 10-12 Jun 2022, and the incident has caused discomfort to the public. We, as the event organizer, would like to issue the following statements regarding the incident:

  1. Vegetarian Food Asia was held concurrently with the LOHAS Expo. Our intention was to jointly promote green and high-quality life. The fish-cutting demonstration was one of the events on the first day of the LOHAS Expo. Due to inadequate communication with the organizer of LOHAS Expo, we were unable to get the event arrangements in advance. The incident may have caused confusion and discomfort among the public, especially vegetarians, for which we sincerely apologize.

  2. Vegetarian Food Asia and LOHAS Expo are managed by two companies. Both shows had independent entrances and exits, and the booth colors were also different. However, we admitted that the arrangements should have made better with more clear identification so as to avoid causing confusion. We are actively discussing with the venue to improve the arrangements for next year and avoid similar incidents from happening again. 


Vegetarian Food Asia is committed to promoting green living lifestyle, and strives to become the most comprehensive vegetarian and green living exhibition in Hong Kong. We will learn from the experience gained from this incident, and will strengthen communications and cooperation with the industry to create a quality show that meets the expectations of the vegetarian industry.

Fair Organizer
Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd.

13 Jun 2022


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Vegetarian Food Asia (VFA) is Hong Kong's most comprehensive vegetarian and green lifestyle exhibition, bringing to the public a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan products around the world. The fabulous 2021 results include 250 exhibit booths, 100+ side events, and a record-high no. of visits at 40,625 (up 25%)

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Vegetarian Food Asia, together with the co-located LOHAS Expo, displays over 5,000 vegetarian, vegan, natural, organic, and green living products. The Show, packed with a series of exiting green living events and support from various industry associations, attracts a huge crowd of public visitors to gather and experience green life.

While the Expo is dedicated to serving public visitors with a wide array of products, it also provides a unique sourcing platform for trade buyers, including producers, suppliers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers.


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Receiving wide industry attention since its inauguration in 2012, LOHAS Expo is the prominent trade & public exhibition for natural, organic, health, green and sustainable businesses in Hong Kong.

Beyond Women Fest is the special pavilion of LOHAS Expo & Vegetarian Food Asia, dedicating for women who are pursuing healthiness and quality life. Showcasing a wide variety of products and services specifically designed for women.