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Anti-epidemic measures and admission arrangements for the exhibition

To ensure the safety of all visitors, we will arrange comprehensive epidemic prevention measures during the exhibition, so that you can visit the exhibition with peace of mind.

In addition, with the implementation of the third phase of the "vaccine pass" on May 31, all people entering the exhibition hall (including exhibitors, staff and visitors) must abide by the "Prevention and Control of Diseases (Regulations and Instructions) (Business and Premises) Regulations (Cap. 599F), scan a valid vaccination record/medical exemption QR code upon entry.

Take a look at the following epidemic prevention measures and rules immediately, and cooperate with each other to ensure everyone's safety.

We will also closely monitor the latest situation of the epidemic and make adjustments in accordance with the government's epidemic prevention requirements.

💡Exhibition epidemic prevention arrangements:
"Vaccination Pass" details:

VFA2022_Hygiene measure.jpg
VFA2022_Hygiene measure2.jpg
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